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About MDB Texinov®

Production of protective masks in France

MDB Texinov® is an SME employing 70 people which has been established in Saint Didier de la Tour (38) for more than 50 years. Since March 2020, due to the requirements linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has produced high quality protection masks, such asUNS category 1 in contact with the public and for public transport, as well asFFP2 masks for healthcare personnel.

All products are 100% “Made in France”

MDB Texinov® has always chosen a French establishment without offshoring. Masks are made entirely on the basis of a selection of French manufacturers producing in France, both for materials that make up masks, as well as for the mask production lines.

Competitive price/product positioning

We often hear that “Made in France” is expensive: MDB Texinov® relies on the commitment of all its staff, in the workshop and in sales support services and on the best technologies, to remain as close as possible to global prices and guarantee its customers high quality products, produced and distributed locally, at a very competitive cost.