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The protection mask for medical use

A mask for helthcare professionals certified EN 14683 and EN 149 real respiratory protection against viruses, droplets and particles.

Your daily ally against Covid-19

A breathable, comfortable mask that can be used 8 hours to ensure YOUR protection and that of those around you.

Respiratory protection against dust

The daily TexiShield® FFP2 masks for your construction work.

Respiratory protection against toxic products

Industry, construction, agriculture,… The FFP2 respirator mask provides your reinforced respiratory protection.

Why choose a FFP2 mask rather than a surgical?

The TexiShield® FFP2 respiratory protection mask
Protects the wearer and those around him
– Is a Personal Protective Equipment certified to EN 149 (filtration of at least 94% of aerosols of size 0.6 µm) and CE marked
– Is certified without graphene
– Is suitable for all body types
– Is comfortable and breathable (soft and light material)
– Is guaranteed for 8 hours of continuous use
– Is made in France in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

A surgical-type mask
Only protects the wearer’s environment from projections
– Is a medical device certified to EN 14683 (filtration of at least 95% of aerosols of size 3 µm)
– Is limited to 4 hours of continuous use

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MDB Texinov is a specialist in textile for medical use. We produce FFP2 respiratory protection masks in France.